Make it Easy for People to Pay You

by Martin Neumann on June 6, 2006

Lets say you have just polished up your latest publication, have pdf’d it, designed a great eCover and have crafted a nifty sales page.

Have you thought about how people are going to pay you?

Sometimes keeping it simple (you know, the KISS principle) gets the job done.

That’s why I’m a big fan of PayPal for just the basic sales (obviously if you have affiliates involved you’re onto another level … and another post). Why go to all the trouble, and expense, of setting up a complicated e-commerce system when there’s something out there that gets the job done, is by far the market leader and most people feel comfortable with.

Let’s use me as a sample case. Last year I had 3 ePublications (I also consulted and ghosted on a few others) out there and made I think, 238 sales. Guess how many were completed by PayPal? 238. Guess how many chargebacks I had? Zero.

Now, I understand that there’s this love/hate relationship with PayPal (a few PayPal Sucks sites are doing the rounds) but settle back and take a look at it through pure business eyes.

The numbers speak for themselves and taking on credit card payments (as one MUST do these days) almost guarantees your share of scammers and those out for a freebie will eventually cross your path - doesn’t matter if you’re online or in a bricks and mortor outlet.

Yes, you will come up against chargebacks and possible fraudulent behavior and yes, we may snicker about the fees - but anybody who has had a traditional merchant account would know - that’s just part of doing business.

Personally, I feel PayPal’s fees are quite reasonable - others may disagree (and please do so in the comments).

But making the customer feel as comfortable as possible about paying you (the ul