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How to Launch a Product Online Smoothly

Launching your new products can be one of the most stressful but enjoyable tasks that you have to do in order to promote product awareness over the World Wide Web. In this article, I will share with you the 5 latest steps that you can take in order to ensure that your product launch will run smoothly and successfully.

1. Know your audience. The first thing that you need to do is to have a clear idea about the people that you are targeting. You need to determine their preferences, their needs and demands, their availability, their buying power, the things that they are looking for in a product, and the elements that can lure them to attend your product launching event. The more you know about these people, the better your chances of making this endeavor highly targeted and focused to their requirements.

2. Introduce an exciting, irresistible offer. The key to make your product launching interesting is to give your potential attendees something that they will appreciate. Aside from emphasizing the benefits that your product can offer, you may also launch some marketing gimmicks that can easily capture the attention of these people. You can offer them with free product samples or huge discounts.

3. Keep your potential clients informed. Send your opt-in list some enticing announcements about your product launch at least 2-3 weeks prior to the actual event. You may also advertise on your blog, website, relevant forums, and discussion boards so you can create that much needed anticipation. Ensure that you spill all the good things about this event so you can lure more people to attend.

4. Pick the best date, time, and venue. To maximize the number of your attendees, make sure that you pick the perfect time, date, and venue that are very convenient to your potential clients. If you are targeting those who have the usually 9am-5pm job, ensure that you launch your products on weekends in a place that can easily be accessed by these people.

5. Be willing to invest. Do not cut corners when launching your products. Remember, you will need all the attention you can get so increase the exposure of your offerings. Invest on getting the best venue, the best hosts, and the best equipments that can make this event truly memorable to all your attendees.

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How a Simple eBook Can Launch an Info Product Empire

Ebooks are the most popular way to get started making money in the information business. They’re usually shorter than a typical book and therefore take less time to create. It costs very little to set up a web page and sell your eBook as a product that can be instantly downloaded. And with no product or fulfillment cost, getting started and operating an info product business is easily within the reach of anyone who wants to do it.

If all you do is write one eBook and set up a single sales system, you will in all likelihood make money. And with costs so low, profitability is almost a sure thing.

Once you see how easy it can be to set up one automatic income stream, you’ll want to do it again and again. You can find a new market and write a book that meets the desires of your new niche. Set up the same kind of system and establish an additional income stream. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. Income earned from your writing is a good thing, after all.

But there is a better way to expand. It’s a far more effective way to pile on the profits and make your writing efforts pay larger dividends.

Instead of going wide and branching out into different market areas, go deep and fully exploit your first niche, before looking for greener pastures elsewhere. That’s how to win big time in a niche market. You’ll have more fun and make a whole lot more money too.

It all starts with getting to know your market. You’ve got to in effect, become one of them. That’s the best way to be able to speak directly to your prospects in a way that breaks down any barriers. Markets often have their own language and you need to sound like one of them to be accepted and believed.

Learn everything you can about your market. Become fluent in their language and then start with a single product and build upon that. Add additional products on a regular basis. Let one product build on another and you’ll have a ready-made audience.

That’s how you dominate a market and become key player. And it’s the key players that earn the lion’s share of the profits. Go deep and prosper like never before.

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9 Tips For Effective E-Newsletters

When you’re not able to keep in touch with customers as often as you like, an e-newsletter is a great way to keep your company on their radar screen. It’s also an economical promotion method.

Having written and edited corporate newsletters over the last few years, here are some of my tips on producing effective e-newsletters.

1) Make the most impact by having information that your target market finds valuable. Approach it from the perspective of your customers. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell or promote your products but be sure there is a mix of how-to articles and other useful information.

2) Always ask yourself when reviewing your newsletter “What does this information mean to our customers?” Keep the “big picture” in mind. Avoid the “diary/journal” article of “We did this, then we did that.” Writing a sequence of events doesn’t necessarily make interesting reading.

3) Encourage customer feedback. After all an unread newsletter is a waste of time, money and resources.

4) You may want to incorporate company news from other sources, such as press releases, speeches and presentations.

5) Regular features could include a column by the president or other executives, question and answer, letters to the editor, a product or service related story, and a preview of what’s coming up in the next newsletter.

6) Have a couple of back-up articles ready to go in case you need to drop or reschedule an article. It’s always better to have too many articles than too few.

7) Quotation marks make writing look lively and compelling. Use them frequently in your articles. You can also include relevant quotes from noted personalities and business leaders.

8) If your e-newsletter is created as a web page on your company’s site, you need to entice customers to go and read it. Send an email to customers announcing a new edition has been posted. Include the article titles.

9) Make one staff person responsible for final approval. Never approve by committee. You’ll never get everyone to agree. Trying to incorporate everyone’s comments will only create a convoluted newsletter.

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eBook Writing - You Can Do it Too

Gone are the days when the only way to get the information we need is by going to the library. Today, with the creation of the internet and ebooks, we can just open our computers and get the kind of information we need in seconds. Yes, no more leaving the house and still get unlimited information about the things that we are passionate about.

The growing popularity of ebooks is fueling the spirits of those people who would like to make money online. As these information base products are selling like hotcakes online, ebook writing promises great financial benefits to people who have great writing skills and who genuinely care about helping online users.

Here’s how you can impact your ebook writing:

1. Deliver informative ebooks. Strive to give your clients great value for their money by loading your ebooks with all the kinds of information that these people need in improving the quality of their lives. You may offer information that can empower them to do things on their own (ex. Step-by-step guide on website creation) or help them resolve their pressing issues (ex. Losing weight the effective way). You can also provide answers to their burning questions or offer information about the things that they are most passionate about.

2. Plan each chapter. You cannot present the same information on other parts of your ebooks. Each of your chapters must have unique content and they must be well-written and sound very organized. It would help if you can create an outline that contains your main topic, chapters, sub topics, etc. even before you start writing your content.

3. Be an expert. Don’t start writing your ebooks unless you are confident that you know your chosen topics inside and out. Remember, you must be a great source of information to your readers so you can offer them exactly what they are looking for.

4. Outsource some of your ebook writing-related tasks. There are some times that you just have to admit that you are not the best person to do other related tasks especially if you don’t have the know-how (ebook page designing, proofreading, ebook marketing, etc.). Don’t worry, as you can always hire brilliant minds from freelancing sites to help you out. You can go to guru, elance, or getafreelancer dot com where you can find some of the finest freelancers from all points of the globe.

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Quick and Dirty Secrets For Creating Your Own Information Product

Whether you’re currently in the internet marketing game or not, you really need to be thinking about creating your own product. By product, I don’t mean your own special, gold-plated toothpick. I’m talking about information products–ebooks, cd’s, dvd’s, and other downloadable and/or easily mailable items. Believe me, there’s a fortune in the right information product!

Why should you be thinking in terms of information products? Well, there are several reasons, one of which is that the Internet is first and foremost an information medium. People come to the Internet and Google stuff to learn, to find information about how to solve some sort of problem of theirs. Now, it doesn’t have to be a “real” problem. Their problem might be as simple as what book to read next. But you have to understand that people use the Internet to get information.

So, why not design a product that contains all the information someone wants, then sell it to them? Better yet, get other people (called affiliates) to sell your information to their customers, too!

I’m going to assume I’ve convinced you of the necessity for having your own product. Now, I want to give you some pointers on how to create that product.

First off, you need to know that you’re creating a product for a niche where people buy stuff–preferably lots of stuff. You can find this out one of two ways. You can test the niche yourself, using an affiliate product that’s similar to what you’re thinking about making. Or, you can do a lot of market research into who’s already selling what.

You see, if there are a lot of other information marketers in a certain niche–that’s good! The Internet is so huge, and expanding exponentially, that there’s plenty of room for everyone. Take weight loss, for instance. There could well be a few thousand internet marketers making good money in weight loss.

The next thing you need to know is what your competition is. You can find out some about this by reading their sales page. But to actually know what you’re competition is up to, you’ll need to buy at least of of their products.

Of course, you have to marry all of this with your own desires and skills. For instance, I once investigated high-end cake decorating as a possible niche. What could be easier, I thought? “How to” stuff is perfect for information products. Well, I was right. Cake decorating is actually a bona fide niche where a number of marketers are making money. But, it was absolutely uninteresting to me. I couldn’t get any traction in the niche. I finally realized that was because I was completely uninterested in the niche, except for the money making potential.

Bottom line: try to choose something you have a natural interest in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Best Product Launching - 6 Top Tips to Improve Your Product Launching

If you are trying to get the most out of your product launching, then here are my 6 top tips that you can apply to improve the launching of your product and make tons of sales on your first day. You can apply these tips on any niche you are in and you will be surprise how much traffic that you are going to get.

Without delay, here are the tips:-

1) Place some teasers on your website

People respond quite well when they see or read something that is related to them. Lets say you are trying to sell a weight loss product, and you put a banner with the words “lose 9 pounds in every 1 week”, you can be sure people will react by clicking on the offer and hopefully buy your product.

2) Create a blog

Blog is one of the best way to buzz about your product launching. Before the launch, create a blog and provide some information about your product so that people can get an update on what is going on. Whatever it is, do not spill everything in your blog. Your job is to make your potential customers eager to buy your product when during the launch date.

3) Find some testimonials

What makes a product so great? A good product is where there are several testimonials from the experts on your niche. Search for an expert in your niche and offer him a free gift of your product. In return, request testimonial from them about your product. You need to carefully craft your message because most expert will not even bother to open up their emails.

4) Write a press release

Press release is good in a sense that it gets the attention of the search engines. Once you have written a compelling press release and submit it to press release websites, in one day, you can already see the press release on the first page of the search engines. Using it well can give your product a boost in sales.

5) Provide discounts and freebies

No product is great without some sort of bonuses or freebies. People simply love bonuses, so you might as well create lots of it when selling your initial product. It is also best if you can offer discounts to whoever make the purchase one week from now. After one week, you simply raise the price. By doing this, people will have to act fast to grab the best offer before it is too late.

6) Keep on promoting

Although you still have not launch your product, that does not mean you cannot promote it. Make a buzz inside several forums on your niche. You need to convince your potential buyers to buy your products after the launching event. Do it aggressively and consistently to get the maximum effect.

And that should do it, applying the above tips surely can improve your product launching. Now get out there and take some action.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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E-Newsletter Marketing - How-To

Would your company like to reduce marketing expenses while simultaneously increasing revenue? Be a hero by suggesting the company publish an e-newsletter. I’ve built my Edison House business on the strength of e-mail campaigns. Here are 5 Cool Ideas for creating an e-newsletter.

1. Permission-based marketing doesn’t rankle.
Seth Godin’s “permission-based marketing” phrase aptly describes the world of e-marketing. According to e-mail protocol, people actually request that you keep in touch. This is a nice turnaround from invasive cold-calling and heavy-handed advertising. This type of marketing is called Top of Mind Awareness or TOMA. And it’s low-cost!

2. Content is king.
The best e-newsletters offer value in the way of informational content. Use your e-newsletter to teach people more about your industry so they can make better decisions. Educate folks about your specific products or services with regular messages of interest.

3. Effective newsletters get readers to act.
There’s more to publishing an e-newsletter than using the right fonts and color schemes. You must know the techniques that assure your message gets read and that readers take action. The word “f.r.e.e,” for example, is a favorite among professional copywriters, but it is the number one s.p.a.m flag.

4. E-newsletters can be a virtual salesperson.
Hockey great Wayne Gretsky said he used the boards as his fifth teammate. Think of e-newsletters as a salesperson who never gets sick and never takes a day off. E-newsletters will sell for you like magic. Send good content and recipients will even forward your messages to others. Very nice.

5. Automated success is just the ticket for 2009.
You can create HTML e-mail templates and manage additions and deletions to your mailing list. Track the success of your campaigns with reporting on everything from click-through rates to revenue earned from each mailing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Michael Angelo Caruso has delivered over 2,000 keynote speeches and presentations on the subject of communication. He is President of the Edison House, a Detroit-based consulting and publishing company. Mr. Caruso is author of the 5 Cool Ideas books and the FastLearnerAudio series, which can help you become an even better person.

To receive Michael’s free, bi-monthly 5 Cool Ideas newsletter, simply send an e-mail to [email protected]

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The Secret to Getting Your EBook Downloaded by the Thousands

Ever wondered why some ebooks get downloaded by the thousands while others languish in pitiful obscurity? What is even more intriguing is when that ebook or free report that is downloaded in the thousands turns out to be a complete dud!

Anyway before I reveal the reason why (drum roll please) as well as show you how you can duplicate the same system to get your own report/ebook downloaded in the thousands here’s a preamble to clue you in.

Did you ever watch the movie “Snakes On A Plane” starring Mr. “Rat-a-tat-tat” Samuel L. Jackson. Anyway the online promo and subsequent word-of-mouth promotion of the movie was such a success that people flocked like lemmings to a cliff-drop party to watch it. Well as it turned out the movie was a dud.

I personally waited for the movie to come out on dvd before watching it and I could see why the it flopped. Snakes On A Plane flopped not because of bad acting, nor because of a lame script (we, the audience already anticipated that before viewing) but because we expected a bang-n-shootem-up at 30,000 feet in the air where the bad guys in this case were snakes. But because the shooting was taking place 30,000 feet in a pressurized cabin, Mr. Rat-a-tat-tat was restricted to blasting the baddies with a taser gun! Now that was lame!

No…the moral of this tale is not about how even great packaging cannot save a bad product, the point of note here is “Great Packaging.” Great packaging is what got people in the theaters to watch a dud! Great packaging is what gets lousy ebooks and reports to be downloaded in the thousands if not millions, and here’s how you can apply the same principle for your next free report or ebook.

When it comes to naming eBooks there really is only one category of headline/title that is a consistent winner (in terms of greatest readership) and that title falls under the category of:

Self Interest!

No matter your field or subject matter if you have written an eBook and your intention is to get it as widely read as possible then incorporated somewhere within the title of your eBook must be some message that panders to your audience’s self interest.

So for example if the topic of your ebook relates to snoring to peak your intended audience’s interest your ebook title must offer some form of relief or solution to their predicament (snoring).
A good title on the subject of snoring may read as follows:


A detailed analysis of the title above clearly illustrates that it incorporates the 3 fundamental elements that characteristically elevate even humdrum mediocre ebooks to bestseller (or should I say bestdownloaded) status. Such elements include the following:

1. SELF INTEREST? The title informs the reader what to expect and what they stand to gain in plain language. The title also appeals to the reader’s self interest and promises to solve a pressing problem that they want solved yesterday!

2. URGENCY? Does the title convey a sense of urgency and immediacy? In this case it certainly does. The word “FAST” promises almost immediate results!

3. EASE OF USE? Most of us are naturally lazy and given the choice of taking the path of least resistance or one mined with obstacles and difficulties, we most certainly will choose the easy route, or in other words, the path of least resistance!

In this context that means that for your ebook title to really hook your intended audience not only must it promise an urgent resolution to their pressing problem, that resolution must come in a very easily applicable solution package!

Referring back to the “HOW TO STOP SNORING FAST WITH THESE 3 EASY FIXES!” title, it is readily apparent that such a header also conveys an obvious ease of use by incorporating the words “3 easy fixes!” Oh and before I forget, adding the phrase “How To” at the beginning of your header definitely increases reader interest and ultimate participation because it clearly promises a solution to a problem they need fixed.


Another very simple and effective tweak to increase the chances of your ebook/report getting read is to name its actual PDF file with the exact same name that you titled your report; or failing that, at least name the PDF file something closely resembling the title of your report.

The reasoning behind this is, for most of us who make up the swelling online marketing crowd, we have computers that are invariably swamped with a vast number of ebooks and reports that we’d downloaded and after a while it certainly gets crazy mad trying to locate a specific ebook especially when its PDF has some cryptic file name like, zbg5566a.pdf! (you’d be amazed at the number of people who make this error…including veterans!)

So in the case of my report The Blogging Edge it makes a lot of sense for me to entitle the PDF file as blogging-edge.pdf! You may have noticed that I have incorporated hyphens in the name and the reason why I have done this is because without them the PDF file name would transform to something that looks like following: blogging%20edge.pdf which is a little off putting!


It is very tempting to come up with some esoteric and cool sounding name (errr…like The Blogging Edge?), but the truth of the matter is such a name is going to mean mumbo jumbo to a good number of your blog visitors, unless that name is accompanied with some exciting explanatory text (preferably in bullet form) that once again incorporates the three fundamental elements mentioned above.

I mention this because I have come across an increasing number of reports citing and referring to blockbuster US movies (e.g., “The Matrix”) which reference in all likelihood means nothing to a large proportion of the growing internet population who hail from different continents and countries (think Asia).

Such disconnect is more likely to confuse an otherwise interested party and drive them into the welcoming hands of a fellow marketer who abides by the KISS Creed (Keep It Simple Stupid) and whose language is more down to earth and less colorful! Sigh…wish that could be me!

So in a nutshell, it is better to entitle your ebook with langauge that explains in a plain and easily understood manner, how your book will solve a particular problem. Oh…and of course make sure you incorporate the three essential points listed above!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Write Your First Ebook Using This Easy Technique

One of the most profitable areas of your online business is through writing your own ebook. How do you think the most successful Internet gurus make their six and seven figure incomes? It is not by selling affiliate products like you and me; they create and sell their own products. And the number one product that they sell is ebooks. So, if you want to make real money online, you’ve got to create your own ebook.

At first, it can be a very intimidating process. But if you break it down into smaller segments, it is really quite easy. And don’t think that your ebook has to contain 150 pages. As a beginner, you would be much better off by starting small. Your first ebook can be as small as 7 to 10 pages. And you can sell an ebook this size for $7 dollars.

Begin by writing a detailed outline on exactly what your ebook will cover. Each heading in your outline will represent one chapter of your ebook. After you have completed this important step, you are ready to go to work.

Each chapter of your ebook will be written just like an article, similar to the one you are reading now. If you can write a 300 to 500 word article, you can easily write an ebook. After you have completed all of your articles, assemble them into some type of sequence. Then, read through them to make sure that the information flows logically from one chapter to the next.

Once you’ve finished this step, the hard work is done and you are almost there. Develop a table of content and a legal disclaimer (if necessary). Paste everything together into a single document and convert it into a PDF and you are ready to upload your ebook and make money.

You won’t get a premium price for a small ebook this size, but you can easily sell them at a price of 3 to 7 dollars. But, if you do a good job marketing it, you can make money on this ebook every day, for years to come. Put together 5 or ten of these ebooks and you are talking about making some real money.

So, what are you waiting for, get busy on that first ebook! Use the link below to get all of the formatting details that first, best selling ebook.

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Write Your First Ebook And Make Millions!

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How to Find Best Selling Ebook Topics

Many people are intimidated about writing their own ebook. They think it is too difficult and fear that it may not sell. But is it worth the risk to attempt it? Why do you think that practically every major guru sells their own ebooks? The reason is simple; it is one of the most profitable activities that you can do for your online business. So how do you get started?

To develop your own ebook, you have to follow certain steps. A best selling ebook is certainly possible, but you’ve got to do some research. One of the first steps necessary in preparing to write your ebook is research. In the following paragraphs, I will focus on the preliminary research necessary before you write a single word.

The first step you must consider is the topic. This one factor is probably the single most important factor in determining whether your ebook is a best seller or just another file that sits on your hard drive collecting digital dust. Spend time finding a topic that sells. Do keyword research. Do research on the page rank and Alexa ratings of websites and sales pages that sell ebooks. Determine which types of ebooks are outselling others. It is only after completing this type of research, should you make a final decision on the topic of your ebook.

Next, you have to consider your target audience. What type of individuals will be interested in your topic? Will this targeted group buy your product? For instance, it may seem like a great idea to develop an ebook targeted toward games popular with teenagers. But few in this category have access to credit cards. Therefore, an ebook on this topic would not make you very much money. Make sure your target audience is interested and has the ability to pay you!

For a targeted ebook creation you will need to find out the target for your ebook. For success of any ebook it is necessary. Find out the target for the ebook topic you want to write. Your target may vary and depending on your target your ebook will vary. The style, design, content all depend on the target of the ebook.

So, what are you waiting for, get busy on that first ebook! Get all the details on writing your own best selling ebook.

Write Your First Ebook And Make Millions!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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